Bob’s House of Hope is the first non-profit safe house in the country for male survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, also known as sex trafficking. We serve young men ages 18+, and are the only residential facility to include Ranch Hands Rescue’s innovative Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling intervention.

Who We Are

Ranch Hands Rescue is the only Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling program in the United States that partners abused and neglected farm animals with research-based, trauma-informed therapies in the treatment of clients with complex trauma. To date, RHR has rescued and rehabilitated over 600 critical care animals, treated and transformed more than 1,700 individuals, and compiled a growing list of over 6,000 community leaders to contribute to the recovery of our society’s most vulnerable members.


Our Mission

Sex trafficking is a national and global issue, but it is also happening right here in North DFW. In 2018, of the 10,949 cases reported nationally, 1,137 were male victims. Texas alone made up 1/10th of the human trafficking cases reported that year (National Human Trafficking Hotline, 2018). In working closely with local law enforcement, anti-trafficking organizations, fellow non-profits, treatment facilities, shelters, Homeland Security and the Governor’s Human Trafficking Task Force, Ranch Hands Rescue has developed a solution to help the unseen survivors of human trafficking.

Bob’s House of Hope will be a safe place to live for male survivors to rest, recover, and rebuild. The goal is to empower young men with the skills and trades they need to sustain themselves and reach independence after a lifetime of trauma. The program will be a minimum of 1 year and a max of 3 years to ensure total trauma recovery.

What We Provide

  • Safety
  • Regular meals and snacks
  • Long term residential care
  • Basic Medical & Dental care
  • Single occupancy rooms
  • Psychiatric and Psychological evaluation
  • Shared living spaces
  • Established routine and responsibility
  • Shared bathrooms (2:1)
  • Mentorship and Education assistance
  • Hygiene products and clothing
  • Access to community services
  • Individual Therapy (EAAC, TBRI, EMDR, DBT, Case Management)
  • Access to spiritual and/or religious services

The Safe House


Contact Us

How can we help you?

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Ranch Hands Rescue

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