Services and Fees

Here is a breakdown of our basic list of services and fees. We try to provide any assistance we can when it comes to getting people the therapy they need on a budget. When funds are available, financial aid for counseling services is an option for qualified clients. We are in the process of being credentialed to take insurance. Check back for updates.


Fees for Counseling
and Therapy Services

Individual Therapy: $80-90 per 45 minute session (child) / 50 minute session (adult)
Group Therapy: $40 per 90 minute session (depending on group)

See Counseling Services

Fees for General
and Legal Services

Phone Calls, Emails, Text Responses over 9 minutes: $20 per 10 minute increment
Letters, Legal Depositions, etc.: $20 per 10 minute increment
Court Testimony: $1500 retainer; billing will be $150 per 60 minutes (3 hour minimum) including preparation, travel, wait time at court, and witness time
Returned Check Fee: $25 fee (cash or credit card required for future payments)

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